Boiler servicing and repairs…Why Mulgas? Because we repair quickly. And fit new boilers inexpensively.

You can easily save money when you get one of our proven,
quiet and reliable new boilers

…and you’ll love the instant results that’ll help you win the war against rising heating bills.

Hi. What brought you here?

Slash Your Bill Up to 35%

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve heard that we can slash up to 35% – maybe more – off your fuel bill with our award winning new boilers.

5 Years Guarantee

What’s more we guarantee our boilers for 5 full years. That’s parts and labour by the way. And how about this…you get the full guarantee absolutely free. Find out more by clicking here

Boiler Stopped Working?

Maybe your current boiler has stopped working? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Why? Because our fully trained gas engineers fix over 87% of broken boilers on the 1st visit…and our typical repair bill is 27% cheaper than the national average.

How do we do this?

How do we do this? By skilfully diagnosing the problem quickly and stocking our vans with the most common parts to fail. Let us tell you a little more – here

Landlord or Letting Agent

You’re a landlord – or a letting agent?

We’ve good news for you too. We specialize in dealing directly with tenants. We’ll even arrange to pick up keys (for free).

Who else does that?

Woman looking into an open boiler

And we have some special offers on the go at the moment. Here’s one:

Remember, every component in your boiler and heating system has a “clock” in it. Well, here’s how to wind that clock backwards and help prevent your tenants’ boiler breaking down. It’s our “22 point heating health check”.

It’s proven to reduce breakdowns by 77%… And it costs just £1…That’s right – £1 when carried out at the same time as a gas safety check.

Find out more by clicking here

Where You Can Find Us

Should you like to know a bit more about us, please browse the site. Our offices are in Woking. But we’re happy to travel to Guildford, Godalming, Staines, Richmond, Twickenham and Kingston and surrounding areas.

And if you’d simply like to talk to one of us,
call us on 0345 460 4800.

We’re quite nice. Or, if you don’t fancy a chat, send an e mail to



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