Boiler Repairs, Servicing, Installation and Replacement in Aldershot

Boiler Servicing in Aldershot

Need your boiler fixing fast? Don’t worry!

At Mulgas, our certified gas boiler engineers are available to get your boiler back to it’s working self. Our boiler repair services in Aldershot guarantees customer satisfaction with a high quality service from certified professionals.

mulgas engineer servicing faulty boiler

Damning statement

We’re very aware that this is a damning statement, however unfortunately it’s true! This does happen from time to time and yet it can be very easily avoided.

Broken or faulty boiler

A broken or faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous, emitting deadly carbon monoxide which can lead to death. By carrying out regular services to your boiler you will keep yourself and your family safe all year, every year.

Safety first

Many other companies will tell you the main reasons to service your boiler is to ensure it’s more efficient and avoids breakdowns, although this is true, we like to focus our main priority on ensuring your boiler is safe and not causing you and your family harm.

Saves you money in the long run

By carrying out preventative maintenance annually, you will be able to prevent your boiler from breaking down and also ensure it is running efficiently so you are not wasting energy and money.

Boiler Maintenances in Aldershot


If your boiler isn’t working as it should, please do not try messing with it, contact Boiler Aldershot. Not only is it dangerous with Gas and Electricity in the system, you could potentially invalidate your household insurance and your boiler guarantee.


Our team of dedicated professionals are all Gas Safe certified and approved so you can be certain when you call us, you are calling the local experts in Aldershot for all your boiler repair servicing needs.


At Mulgas, we pride ourselves on making our business a 100% cowboy-free-zone and we will continue to keep it that way at all times.

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