Boiler Repairs, Servicing, Installation and Replacement in Dorking

Boiler Repair in Dorking

Mulgas is a leading provider of boiler maintenance services and boiler repair in Dorking, offering expertise in the most vital boiler care standards such as repair, servicing, replacement and installation.


It’s absolutely crucial that you take general and preventative boiler maintenance to avoid costly outages and expensive repair bills. At Mulgas, we offer everything from maintenance services to scheduled and emergency repairs. We provide services for all boiler types such as, gas, coal and many more. Our yearly maintenance program ensures your boiler is running as efficiently as possible.


By calling us today we are able to send out one of our certified heating engineers out to you within hours of your call.

close-up of a radiator in a Dorking home which was recently part of a central heating repair job by the experts at Mulgas

Boiler Engineers in Dorking

All of our engineers at Mulgas have trained 3x longer than those engineers who work for some of our biggest national competitors, so you be certain that our guys know exactly what they’re doing.

Track record

Our engineers have a track record for fixing over 87% boilers on their first visit and our prices are extremely competitive with our usual repair bill being 27% cheaper than the national average.

Boiler Maintenance in Dorking

Mulgas are dedicated to reducing costs and hazards that are often associated with faulty or broken boilers.

Photo (top middle) by Vaillant

Boiler Servicing in Dorking


we specialise specifically in central heating so all of our focus is entirely on your boiler and heating system.


to give ourselves the best possible chance of fixing your boiler on the first visit, our vans are full to the brim with 100’s of heating and boiler parts that are most likely to break down.


If you’re left in the lurch and in a hurry to get your boiler and heating system back to it’s normal working self, simply pick up the phone and give us a call today to book with one of our experienced engineers.

a mulgas 'gas safe' certified engineer installing a new radiator in a modern home in Dorking while the happy customer watches