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Need your boiler fixing fast?

Boiler broken? You’re not alone! At Mulgas, we repair over 50 boilers from new customers everyday.

Our experienced and certified gas boiler engineers are available to help get your boiler back on track in no time. Our boiler Richmond repair services and surrounding areas guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Here’s why you should service regularly to avoid repairs:


A broken or faulty boiler can cause serious harm

Although this is a very damning statement, it’s also very true. Unfortunately, this does happen more often than you’d think, and yet it can be very easily avoided. A broken boiler can be extremely dangerous due to the deadly carbon monoxide fumes it can emit. Regular service checks will keep you and your family safe and it will ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently throughout the year, every year.

A lot of companies will tell you the main reason to service your boiler is to ensure it’s saving you money by running more efficiently. Whilst this is important to us, our main priority is to ensure your boiler is safe and not causing you and your family any danger.

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Saves you money

Just like a car or any other similar large operating machine, it will need servicing to ensure it’s complex components are all in full working order. Preventative measures ensures your boiler is working efficiently, safely and smoothly. This is much more cost effective than waiting for an expensive disaster to happen to your boiler and then taking action.


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