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It’s no exaggeration. Really, we’re quite serious.

The 5 year priority care?  Well, as soon as your new boiler has been installed, you become our highest priority ‘Premier Customer’. Should you need assistance – which is unlikely by the way – we’ll be with you at the drop of a hat.

You’ll be given a ‘Premier Customer’ unique membership number which guarantees you jump the queue.

And what’s more, membership is free.

We won’t be asking you to join an expensive ‘homecare’ agreement, that’s for sure.


Special Servicing Deal

If you’d like to take out our special servicing deal, we can give you a huge discount on that too. The choice is yours. There will be no hard sell from us.

This range of boilers we offer allows you to turn on your boiler all you want. And still have lower bills because of it.

Proven and Reliable Boilers

And you can get one of these trusted, proven and reliable boilers, 100% at our risk.

If it doesn’t immediately solve the problem of high gas bills…free you from worry…and let you enjoy the level of comfort in your home you want, simply contact us. 

Every penny of your purchase will be returned.

But these aren’t the only benefits of owning a Mulgas system.

Here’s why:

Mulgas Premier Customer Membership

Enjoy access to priority attention at all times. It’s totally free

Guarantee Worth £382

You’ll have the security of a full 5 year warranty, worth £382 – and that’s a parts and labor guarantee against failure.

Save £197 Scrappage Scheme

Save immediately – £197 Scrappage Scheme discount especially for you. That’s right. Other schemes have finished. But we’re able to get the discount and pass it on to you

New Boiler over 90% Efficient

Your new boiler is over 90% efficient – the highest proven efficiency from any boiler on the market, saving you £££s on your gas bill…guaranteed

Spares Available 10 Years

And talking of guarantees, we can assure you spares for these boilers will be available for a minimum of 10 years

User Friendly

All these appliances have ‘user friendly’ controls – nothing fiddly, just simple yet intelligent controls

Made in Great Britain

And all our boilers are made in Great Britain…we like to support the nation’s manufacturing industry

Experienced and Fully Trained Engineers

You’ll be happy to know our technicians are experienced, fully trained gas heating engineers. They’re not plumbers with a gas safe registration. We demand the highest standard of workmanship from them. And they deliver without exception. You’ll be delighted with the quality of their work

Savings of around 1,300 kg of CO2 a year

Savings of around 1,300 kg of CO2 a year…if you’re conscious of the environment you’ll be relieved to know what a massive positive impact this one appliance will have

Free Carbon Monoxide alarm

A £23 carbon Monoxide alarm – Yours. Totally free.

Our customers have been recommending us to others since 1998. You may not have heard of us before – we do very little advertising – yet each year we install and maintain literally thousands of heating systems for local people just like you.

I like to think you’ll be so happy with the care you receive, you’ll want to recommend us too.
Ann Fisher does.

“The team did a fantastic job & helped us through a difficult time. I’ve now listed Mulgas as my favourite supplier”
Ann Fisher, Woking

You’re probably asking why I recommend particular boilers.

Well, I don’t choose models because we get something out of the deal. Honestly, I don’t. I chose what I feel is the best boiler for you at the very, very best price.

And these are the boilers heating engineers install in their own homes.

We trade fairly with our customers. Or in the words of a rather happy client, Annette Blackwell:

So, what next?

Call me on 0345 460 4800 to arrange for one of our skilled engineers to visit your home and discuss what you’d like and find out the very best option.

Or, if you prefer, send an e-mail to with any questions you have.

“We were extremely pleased with the overall service. The job was very well co-ordinated”
– Mrs Boon, Upper Hale

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