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Here’s an good opportunity for all landlords and letting agents who are organising their annual Landlords Gas Safety Check.

I’m offering a ’22 point  Heating Health Check’ with every one booked in the next 21 days.


And it’s proven to prevent costly boiler breakdowns…
and it’s available for just an extra £1

So, is it worth just an extra £1 to banish 77% of central heating breakdowns in rental homes?

Well, the average cost of a boiler breakdown is £324. You can make up your own mind.

Is this ’22 point check’ the answer to troublesome central heating boilers? Well, I think it is.

But here’s the thing. By testing, I’ve discovered the top 22 boiler faults.

And I know every single one of them is preventable.  I think heating engineers have been keeping these things secret for too long.

So, I know what action is needed. And I’m happy to organise it for you– for just £1

Every time I’m instructed to carry out a landlords gas safety check, for just £1 extra, I’ll do my bit in keeping your boiler running trouble free.

Is this the smartest £1 ever spent? Possibly. Am I mad offering this at such a ridiculously low price? Maybe. So, why am I doing it?

I think it’s time that we offered a better deal.

Some of our customers are already getting something similar.

What’s more, they enjoy ridiculously low levels of boiler breakdowns. It really is true – but they’re paying a whole lot more for it.

Here’s the list of the 22 things I’ve identified as causing the biggest problems:

  • System pressure loss
  • Header tanks running dry
  • Co/co2 ratios – out of adjustment
  • System controls set up incorrectly
  • Thermostatic radiator valves sticking
  • Zone valves jamming
  • Wireless programmable thermostats losing connectivity
  • Combination boiler plate heat exchanger blockages
  • Corrosion – sludge
  • Pumps jamming
  • Magnetic filters blocked
  • Radiator flow imbalance
  • Water leaks
  • Un-lagged condense pipes
  • Radiator valves sticking or leaking
  • Air in system
  • Thermocouples burning out
  • Flue seals leaking
  • Blocked feed pipes
  • Pressure relief pipes ‘letting-by’
  • Cylinder balancing valves incorrectly set
  • Boiler thermostats set too high – or too low

For just an extra £1 our engineer will check all of the above.

That’s £1 in total for all the above.

We’ll do our bit to nip any little problems in the bud there and then. And, of course, I’ll let you know if you need to take any further action.

One day this system check will save landlords like you a whole lot of money  and anguish.

It’ll even keep the boiler going for longer. So, you can say goodbye to boiler problems. And enjoy a quieter winter period next time around.

If you think it’s a good idea why not take me up on this offer?

I’d hate you to miss out.
Send me an e mail at
Or, call me on 0345 460 4800. Mention the ‘22 point please Abi’ offer and I’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

You and especially your tenants will be delighted with the results.

**By the way, more good news. We have a deal going on with CO alarms at the moment. We’ve picked up some cheaply. Get yours for as little as £20 plus vat. But we haven’t got many – so be quick.


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