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Have you been told your heating system needs a powerflush?

If you have, maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about – and how much it’s going to cost.

Here’s a short video about ‘Powerflushing’.

It’s not the best video in the world, I know. But it’ll give you some idea what it’s all about.

And once you’ve watched it, please keep reading what I have to say below…

Well now you know the process. But why do you need one? Firstly, let me tell you this.

I guarantee our ‘Powerflush’ procedure for a full 12 months. I guarantee that your system will not block again – or I’ll do it another flush for free.

Cold spots in radiators – particularly downstairs, noisy ‘kettling’ sounds from the boiler. Radiators constantly in need of bleeding the air from them, are all signs you have ‘sludge’ in your system.

  • And a ”Powerflush’ will get rid of the sludge and restore circulation.
  • Radiators will heat evenly. Boilers will run quieter. And radiators will stop filling with air.
  • But just a ‘Powerflush’ alone isn’t enough.
  • The fact you need a ‘Powerflush’ indicates you’ve a problem with your system hydraulic design.

The sludge is a symptom. An indicator that something is wrong. You need to find the cause.

his is where I differ. I understand the hydraulics of heating systems – many others don’t. 15 years in this industry has taught me all about heating systems and how they go wrong. Sludge in a system will cause untold damage. And reduce the longevity of your boiler.

I’ve never failed to find the cause of poor circulation yet.

Sometimes the solution is cheaper than you think.
Of course, If you do genuinely need a ‘Powerflush’ you’ll naturally want to know how much it’ll cost you.


So why not call through to our office now?

I can discuss your system over the phone and decide what to do next.

Make it the next thing you do and we can start making plans to get your system up and running again properly and efficiently soon.
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