Have you been told your heating system needs a powerflush? If you have, maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about – and how much it’s going to cost.

But why do you need a Powerflush?

Firstly, let me tell you this.


I guarantee our Powerflush procedure for a full 12 months. I guarantee that your system will not block again. Cold spots in radiators – particularly downstairs, noisy ‘kettling’ sounds from the boiler. Radiators constantly in need of bleeding the air from them, are all signs you have ‘sludge’ in your system.


  • And a Powerflush will get rid of the sludge and restore circulation.
  • Radiators will heat evenly. Boilers will run quieter. And radiators will stop filling with air.
  • But just a Powerflush alone isn’t enough.
  • The fact you need a Powerflush indicates you have a problem with your system hydraulic design.


A Mulgas employee performing a Powerflush for a customer on their boiler. With a 12 month guarantee.

You need to find the cause

The sludge is a symptom. An indicator that something is wrong.

Here is where I differ. I understand the hydraulics of heating systems – many others don’t. 39 years in this industry has taught me all about heating systems and how they go wrong. Sludge in a system will cause untold damage. And reduce the longevity of your boiler.

We’ll Attack the Cause

Sometimes it can be as simple as two pipes being the wrong way round. Sometimes, it’s much more than that. Our engineers will identify the reason you’ve sludge in your pipework and radiators. He’ll attack the cause. And get rid of that sludge. Plus, I’ll guarantee the flush for 12 months.

Best Quality Chemical Solutions

I’ll also ensure our engineer will use the best quality chemical solutions – nothing too acidic – to cleanse the system. Then, when he has finished, he’ll add another chemical, a corrosion inhibitor to further protect it in the future.

Wrongly Diagnosed

But here’s a really important thing: Often we find that sludge has been wrongly diagnosed as the problem of poor performance. In all honesty, we find less than 1 in 10 systems needing a full Powerflush – yet homeowners like you have been told by their plumber this is what it needs.


I’ve never failed to find the cause of poor circulation yet.

Sometimes the solution is cheaper than you think. Of course, If you do genuinely need a Powerflush you’ll naturally want to know how much it’ll cost you.

Here are the prices

  • Up to 7

  • £499+VAT
    • Powerflush up to
      7 radiators

  • Up to 11

  • £577+VAT
    • Powerflush between 7 and
      11 radiators

  • Up to 17

  • £650+VAT
    • Powerflush between 11 and
      17 radiators




Our customers have been recommending us to others since 1998. You may not have heard of us before – we do very little advertising – yet each year we install and maintain literally thousands of heating systems for local people just like you.

So why not book your Powerflush today?

Just use our booking system or, if you need to discuss your system, get in touch by calling on 0345 460 4800.