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Heating installers voted Worcester’s Greenstar boilers Corgi’s ‘Boiler of the Year Award’ 3 years running. Now that tells you something, doesn’t it?

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So, what’s the Worcester Bosch Greenstar like?”

Top of the list

If you are seriously considering replacing your boiler, Worcester Bosch should definitely be at the top of your wish list.

Sedbuk A rated

Sedbuk A rated and are more than 90% efficient – compare that to some older boilers which may well be as low as 65%. Even some more modern boilers are still only 70-75% efficient.

First Class Components

The quality of components used are truly first class. And really, this is the true difference between the lower and top end of the market.

Quality reflects price

Basically, the quality of the components reflect the price you pay for a boiler. You get what you pay for like anything in life

10 Year Guarantee

It has a 10 year full parts and labour guarantee. And Worcester promise all it’s parts will be available for a minimum of 10 years.

Renewable energy compatible

And if you have – or are considering – solar water heating, these Greenstar boilers are completely compatible with the latest in renewable energy.

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