Spirotech MB3: designed with you in mind?

Spirotech MB3: designed with you in mind?

dave1HVP magazine is at it again.

5 pages – maybe more – of spill by various filtration product manufacturers telling engineers all about their wonderful products.

Only I think they’re missing a great opportunity.

Yep, I know that their products seem to work ok. And what’s more, I also am aware of the possible consequences of not using filtration or magnetic filters.

But look, I’m one of the lucky ones.

You see, I’ve been in this industry quite some time. I’m a bit of an old dinosaur. You possibly know that. I was trained in the day when system design and hydraulics were part of my apprenticeship. I understand why systems produce sludge – and how to prevent it.

What I don’t see anywhere in this publication is any information from these manufacturers telling it’s often young, inexperienced but ‘keen as mustard to learn’ engineers who buy their stuff, what to do to prevent sludge from forming in systems.

Is it some sort of industry secret?

Is this info to be kept in a secret vault somewhere? Perhaps, just in case that these young, bright engineers will one day install systems in such a way that corrosion formation is nigh on impossible – or at the very least, improbable?

There is a massive hole in training these days. Sure, there are plenty of courses for those who want or need to update their ACS qualifications. But what about the nitty gritty stuff that earns engineers money? Something useful to help them grow and improve as engineers – like effective system design.

Smart stuff like why cold feed pipework blocks. And why open vent pipes pump over. Or maybe vents that suck in air.

I can’t see much of it. If you know of any, be a star and let me know.

Dave Murphy
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