Why massive boiler discounts are often a load of tosh…

Why massive boiler discounts are often a load of tosh…

“£850 off your new gas boiler!”

“40% discount on your new boiler this summer!!”

dave1-565x466Does this sound familiar? Lets be honest, if a major heating company is able to offer you a discount of £850 what sort of profit are they making in the first place.

A scandalous amount I suspect. And once you look into the offer a little closer it’s all very different.

For instance, Britain’s’ largest gas company were giving exactly this. When the deal was broken down they were offering boilers
still at a price over 160% higher than what the same product was available locally. In their eyes this accounted for £400 of
the fabulous offer.

A further discount was £300 for the over 60s.

This was the company passing on to the buyer a grant offered by a government scheme. Lastly, a further £150 could be
‘saved’ with a second year guarantee – for free.

Hang on…no mention of the boiler 5 year full manufacturers warranty being given. So the actual discount really amounts to nothing.

So, here’s what I recommend you do.

When you’re ready to ask companies to quote for replacing your boiler that you take into account all the information that I have given you, including previous blogs. Decide what will determine the type of boiler and controls that YOU need. Once you have all the necessary info, ask 3 different companies to quote.

And armed with the right knowledge you will be able to compare the quotes more accurately because all the companies should be offering the same products and type of works.

This will help you to see through any perceived discounts and see who is really giving you true value for your money!

Dave Murphy
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