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Glow Worm Ultracom 2 it’s Britain’s best selling boiler and for a good reason – its an excellent boiler.

The Ultracom is made in Belper, Derbyshire. The manufacturers, Glow Worm, are owned by the Vaillant Group – who are renowned for the quality of the appliances they design and build.

So, what’s special about this boiler and why do over 80% of our customers choose it?

Well, it’s as quiet in operation as a human whisper. It’s outer case stays beautifully cool even though it’s producing piping hot water for your radiators. The controls are easy as pie to use, truly quite simple. And reliable? Absolutely.

And naturally, this new boiler is Sedbuk A rated – the very highest award for condensing boiler efficiency.

Maybe this is the best example of a ‘fit and forget’ high efficiency boiler money can buy.

Here’s the best bit – it’s price. Far cheaper than some of it’s closest competitors versions, we can offer these lovely boilers from £1374 including the vat fully installed.

Prices do vary depending on how much heat your home needs. But it’s a starting point.


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